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Medicine Searcher is a web app that helps you find the name, doses, and ingredients in common medications. It is written in HTML and JavaScript, and uses the web window.fetch api, the ES6 spread operator, ES6 arrow functions, and ES6 promises, and therefore should work in most modern browsers. In CSS, it not only uses “position: absolute” to center the form, but also uses the new CSS Grid technology.

The data is from the MAPI USA api, and the Wolfram | Alpha link is from Wolfram | Alpha. To use the app, you can start typing the name of the medication you want in the search box. If there are multiple medications that start with that, It will show a list of suggestions.

Once you click on a suggestion, you will see a list of doses, a list of ingredients, and a Wolfram | Alpha link. You can then do another search and the process will repeat.

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Creator: Nathan