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HealthCare Hero is a website designed to provide diagnostic advice using user-provided symptoms. It aims to work using a public doctor provided database with symptoms of anonymous past real-life patients who have given consent. Many people do not have the resources to visit the doctor for every symptom they have. Debt.org estimates the cost of visiting the doctor around $70 and $250, but this number rises if you need additional testing or prescriptions. In addition, visits to the doctor are averaged to take a total of 1 to 5 hours. HealthCare hero solves this issue by providing users with resources to self diagnose their diseases. The program “hacks” healthcare by providing an accurate, convenient, and - most importantly - less costly method of self-diagnosing most ailments. Doctors can input their patients’ reported symptoms and an accurate diagnosis. This form entry is then sent to a public MySQL database via PHP. With the use of the database, the program returns ailments for the projected illness. Over time, the accuracy of the symptom program will become more accurate with more data. It will also accommodate for latest symptom trends for any ailment entered into the database. This will give you the most accurate diagnosis at the time. This is unlike other basic symptom checkers online that just use basic lists of symptoms for diagnosis. Our website uses real patient records. The form is fast and simple to fill out. As of now, the sign-in information is temporary and there are only a few entries in our database. Until doctors input information, our site is still not the best as possible.

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Creators: Anshul, Kevin, Rohan, Yi-Fei