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Social health is one of three equally important aspects of one’s health, but it is often overshadowed by the other two - physical and mental. This can become damaging to individuals that have deficiencies in their social health - making them overly stressed and lonely. This issue has been compounded with the current global pandemic, as many people rarely leave their homes anymore. The solution my partner and I came up with is a free, easy-to-use, easy-to-access, and completely stress free web application that allows people from all over the country to meet up online and have conversations with tailor-made groups in real time. We decided to call it UpLift.

UpLift constantly learns about its users through questions that build on one another. The answers to these questions allow UpLift to ascertain specific traits and use these characteristics to match the user with groups that they will fit in with. This matching system is what makes UpLift unique.

The web app also include other features as well, including:

The Home page, which allows you to view your upcoming schedule, join recommended groups, and answer a few daily questions.

“The Daily Compliment” page, which displays a randomly generated compliment each day solely intended to raise the spirit of the user.

The “Friends” tab, which allows the user to view all the friends they’ve made throughout their time on the app, or add new friends by entering their username. The “Preferences” tab, which allows the user to modify answers to the personality questions that will update their profile and make the algorithm even more effective in matching the user with groups they will connect with.

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Creators: Omar and Nathaniel