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Body Age and Temperature Testing

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For Body Age testing:

We used scratch to test your balance, hearing, and reflexes. You will have to turn on the video and touch the buttons to start. Test A tests your balance. You have to stand on one foot while closing your eyes. When you touch the red button, it stops and tells your body age. Test B tests your listening. After the count down it will make a sound and you will have to press the button when you hear it. You will hear a song but it is not that sound, it is when you hear a beep sound. Test C tests your reflexes. You might need to press the flag again if it does not work. For this test you will have to try to touch the circles that pop up. After 30 seconds it will tell you press per second.

Temperature check:

We used Python to see if you are sick with your temperature. When you start the program, it asks you what your temperature is. Then it will tell you how you might be feeling. For example when you say 97, it says that you are fine.

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Code File 2

Creators: Nadre, Jueseo, Elikem