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When we first heard about the topic on Hacking Healthcare, we thought to ourselves the most well-known health problem in the world, the one with no solution, the novel coronavirus. We thought to ourselves how we could stop transmission of this virus in our community. We wanted to know how we could stop Moon Area Middle School from closing. We all knew of kids who were coming with a cold, not knowing how deadly or what symptoms this virus had. Then we got inspired to make CoronaTel. CoronaTel is a website compatible on mobile and desktop to help you know the symptoms and information of the novel coronavirus. CoronaTel would help people finally have all the information about COVID-19 without having to wait thirty minutes on the nightly news to get answers or read through five new articles on the internet to figure out coughing is a symptom of COVID-19.

Making a website that has enough public resources in one place could make the community way more aware when to stay home, which would result in less people being exposed, than

The website is built as a hub for resources and tools about the novel coronavirus for the community to use.

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Creators: Derek, Trenton, Tilak