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The Problem we are addressing: Weakness/lack of the link between patients and hospital (despite these two things representing the pillars of the Health system); A lot of patients get confused while choosing which hospital they should go to. They also have difficulties reaching out to the hospital they want to get treatment. This may lead to poor communication between the two sides, poor medical treatment, bad services for the patients, disturbance in the hospital’s management and organization, and overwhelming pressure on the working medical staff and hospital resources.

Why is this Problem important? This problem prevents hospitals from doing their mission at 100 percent and does not provide the patients the medical care they need, especially in today’s circumstances. With the pandemic spread all over the world, hospitals suffer from high pressure and can not contain all the patients that go to them, which results in overcrowded places and may contribute to the fast-spreading of the virus, costing us many important human lives.

In what consist the solution: Create a website …………………………………………………..

Possible website features:

What makes our solution innovative: It is true that there are some existing websites, but they usually belong to only one hospital, which is a problem. The website can be biased as the hospital won’t show it’s cons on the website, which can mislead the patient in their choice of the place they want to be cured at. On sites like these, the patients do not have a wide range of choices to compare between the different hospitals. If there is an overcrowded hospital, the patient needs to search all over again on the search engine, which is waste of time, effort, and does not always guarantee a response (some hospitals do not have a website) which is dangerous in extreme health conditions.

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Creators: Andrew, Ian, Adam