Automatic Infirmary System

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Problem :

Giving medicament to the patients takes a big part of the nurse’s time, and they always have to remember and write the treatments for every patient. It’s long and boring. So the question is HOW TO AUTOMATE THIS TASK USING TECHNOLOGY to help nurses to complete their work? That’s why we created the Automatic Infirmary System!

Solution :

Basically, the Automatic Infirmary System or AIS is a digital system for nurses that automate all the patient’s treatments, it tells the nurse which medicament in which time must be given for each patient, and sends a notification when it’s time to give the medicament for the patient. In the beginning, the nurse has only to enter the patient’s name, medicament’s name and time and can even add some notes, and then, he or she can read the profile of every patient whenever and wherever he or she wants and receives a message to deliver the treatment. In future versions, we planned to add a Smartwatch version that can send the notification directly to the nurse’s watch to be more effective and productive.

Details :

Every thing was programmed with python on PyCharm IDE, here is the link to inspect all the code :

Code File
Project Video

Creators: Abderrahman