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The walkbot

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The Walkbot is an automated program for a robot that will help guide patients to their rooms in hospitals. It is still in its prototype phases, so there are a few things it cannot do, such as advanced pathfinding, and obstacle evasion. Even though the Walkbot is still in its preliminary testing and designing, the things it can do so far are quite useful. The Walkbot will assist disabled patients understand the number of steps it will require to access their room. This helps to aid the hard of seeing, and those who are relatively new to the hospital, and don’t yet know the locations of their rooms. We took inspiration from the Mouse Droid in Star Wars and decided to create a robot for guiding people to their hospital rooms. We understood that this is a low-intelligence but time-consuming task, which takes up the time of nurses and caretakers. This time could be better spent by completing more essential tasks. This helps reduce the workload on the nurses and caretakers in the facility and also reduces costs for the hospitals which utilize this device.

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Creators: Ethan, Doolin, Darren, Eduardo