COVID-19 Severity

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For the 2020 FCHacks competition, we created an A.I. that efficiently divides Covid-19 patients into categories based on the severity of their symptoms. Based on their category, their cases will be responded accordingly by the medical staff. The covid-related symptoms that the ratings are based on are fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell, headache, and congestion, and each is rated 0-9. The A.I. calculates the severity of the case by using an algorithm that takes into account the ratings of the symptoms and provides an integer from 0-5, with 0 meaning no symptoms, and 5 meaning the need of immediate medical attention. The algorithm was formed based on 300 test cases where we individually rated random patients’ severity and the necessary response. The A.I. found a correlation between the symptoms’ ratings and the overall severity was determined by the A.I.

This is able to help the millions of COVID-19 victims be sorted into what the doctor needs to deal with first. The doctor needs to deal with hundreds of patients, but the doctor needs to know what is the most important and how severe the most severe case is. This helps eliminate deaths, as the critical people will be treated first, while the others will be treated secondly.

This project can also be expanded to almost limitless possibilities. We could implement image recognition, so the doctors don’t need to deal with paperwork and the A.I. can recognize the people’s filled in bubbles, and can send it to the doctor remotely. The data could also be sent from across the internet and not be dealt face to face. There can also be an actual interface, with many different ways the people can interact with the bot and etc. This app can go many ways to try to help millions of people save their lives, while being managed by the doctor if the symptoms are severe.

This project isn’t perfect in this prototype: the interface is poor, and the algorithm isn’t perfect, as we are not trained professionals. However, this is a gateway for a new innovation for the A.I to learn from and how many people’s lives can be changed and be improved upon. Sick people will be organized and doctors can be notified when the severely sick patient is coming. The possibilities are so wide, and even in this prototype, many ideas emerge almost immediately.

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Creators: Jeongwoo, Andy, and Ethan