The Pill-Chest

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Nowadays, many people with disabilities and people who struggle with everyday activities such as successfully taking prescription medicines and other treatments. Our solution to this problem is the Pill-Chest. We have discussed what we could possibly do to solve these problems, and we came up with the Pill-Chest. The goal of the Pill-Chest is to make access to treatment easier and more efficient. Some of the things the Pill-Chest can do include being able to store information about a patient’s prescription and also keep count of the amount of doses in the prescription. The Pill-Chest also uses a scale to measure how much of a medicine the patient takes and ensures the patient gets the correct dose. If a patient mistakenly takes too large of a dose, the patient and the patient’s doctor will both be notified. Finally, the Pill-Chest also has connectivity to devices like speakers, or cell phones. This allows easy monitoring of a prescription and is accessible to people of all ages and disabilities. To conclude, the Pill-Chest is innovative because it is a new idea that has the potential to assist and ensure the health and happiness of a great amount of people.

Creators: Sreekar and Sree