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Many nurses, doctors, and even patients have run into this complication. Talking on the phone about medical information or even having trouble signing up for an appointment. They both come with a downside, miscommunication, unaligned schedules, and high fees for hospitals to pay nurses. An estimated 900 million dollars per year is spent on gathering pre operative information. The current process is also known to be confusing for patients and doctors as well as take a great amount of time and effort.

Introducing PRIOR, the Patient Reported Information for Operating Rooms, a new way of gathering this information. Prior is simple for both patients, and doctors using clean user interfaces to ask sets of questions in an easy, repeatable manner. Hospitals will pay a set fee to use Prior’s services to easily gather data and compile it into a neat spreadsheet. It will cut down on confusion and save money as there is less need for nurses to have long calls with patients. This will save hospitals 420 million dollars a year and cut down on human error. Prior’s goal is to help make the Pre-Op process smooth, cost effective, and efficient for hospitals around the world.

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Creators: Mira and Simon